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Adding Crochet Extensions To Your Hair


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Using crochet extensions on the hair is the best way to use the hair extensions along with the natural hair. It usually consumes very less time when compared to other hair extensions. Here is a method that can be used for adding the crochet extensions without going to a hair specialist. Keep the hair moisturized during this styling process, so there are no flyaways.
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First get the crochet needle and braiding extensions from a store. Then wash the hair normally as you would do and use the conditioner. Create a cornrow with your hair from hairline to back of the head in rows and make sure there are at least 10-14 cornrow braids all over the head. Start adding your extensions to the cornrow from back of the head by following the hairline. Use thumb as well as index fingers for taking several hair strands for folding it into half to create a loop. Now you can keep latch hook just below your first cornrow and hook extension pieces into your latch hook. Gently take latch hook under your cornrow to create the loop of hair and keep hair ends inside the loop to create a knot. Now keep each extension close to each other and use the same technique on other cornrow braid till you are able to achieve the same all over the head. At last cut the ends of the extensions in case all of them are in the same length.

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