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Doobie Wrap Short Hair


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Hair wraps are normally used on the textured hair and it can also to prevent damage from regular straightening tools. A doobie wrap is usually used on the hair that is long, but you can also use on the short hair by following a simple styling technique. You can use just a little bit of heat on the hair with the help of a hood dryer to make the hair look sleek along with the doobie wrap without using any special styling methods.
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First wash the hair and use the setting lotion all over your hair. You can also use wrapping lotions to wrap the short hair that can help to keep the hair in place in the wrap. Wrap lotion is also capable of adding shine to the hair and it can also make them look soft. Next brush the hair from center of the head in circular motion by moving away from center of your head. Add a small amount of wrap lotion in your hand and apply it over the wrap for securing it in one place. Make sure to use the wrap lotion at the back over the head and smooth down the hair straight. Now use the hooded dryer with medium heat on your hair for one hour or till the wrap becomes dry. At last try to use hair serum in your hand to make the hair wrap loose and brush the wrap in clockwise motion.

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