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Latch Hook Braid


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Latch hook braids are the perfect hairstyle to get a completely new look and this style can be created with any type of hair. This hairstyle normally consumes at least 3-4 hours to achieve it in a proper way. But most of the people get help from a hairstylist to create this look due to its time consuming even though it can be achieved at home.
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First get a synthetic hair and create the braid by following a standard method. Then wash your real hair as usual and create a cornrow in it. Now take the latch hook for sliding it just below the cornrow and push it through to make it emerges over the top. Keep the synthetic braid that was created earlier by folding it into half over the hook. Pull your synthetic braid between the one-half inches inside your cornrow for sewing extension in its place. Use the needle along with the thread for sewing it in a perfect way. Make small stitches through your natural hair, then into synthetic braid and back up to your natural hair. Try to make stitches across full width in your cornrow for securing it perfectly and tale the loop made by the synthetic braid through your cornrow. Take two ends of your synthetic braid inside the loop and try to pull it tightly. Use the same technique on different places over each cornrow and make sure that your scalp becomes invisible after this process.

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