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Steps To Get Relaxed Silky Hair


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A relaxed hair can be made more attractive by adding shine into it and it can also prevent the flyaways. Using chemicals on the hair can cause damage to some extent and you can follow a simple method for making the straight hair look silky as well as completely relaxed. Deep conditioning the hair before starting the styling process is very important to maintain the original hair into its actual way. Make sure to work your way with small sections of hair while making it straight and don’t over use the straightening iron on the hair.
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First use a deep conditioner all over the hair before going into the relaxing process and make sure to use the conditioner that has Shea butter or cocoa butter as they can provide good nourishment to your hair. Then leave the straightening iron to become heat and mist the entire hair with a small amount of thermal heat protectant spray to keep the hair away from getting burned. Next separate the hair as two sections such as top and bottom. Now take the first section of hair and keep the straightner over it. Use the same method on the remaining section of your hair and make sure to move the straightening iron gently down your hair shaft. Spread a hair serum all over the strands which can make the hair look shiny. Now you will have a shiny as well as soft looking hair that can be style as per your wish.

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