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Treating Afro Hair With Shea Butter


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An afro hair can be treated naturally by using various styling products, but using Shea butter can be considered to be best among them. Shea butter can be a perfect choice for using it over dry and coarse hair as they will have less moisture. Try using the hair product such as a shampoo and conditioner which features Shea butter on the hair on regular basis to keep the hair healthy as well as shiny. You can also moisturize the hair using a Shea butter once in a week to maintain the hair soft.
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You can select any product that contains the Shea butter for using it on the hair and if you are not sure which one to use ask a hair specialist. First dampen the hair slightly and add a little amount of the Shea butter all over the hair strands after applying it in your hand. Try to massage it gently to lock it into the hair strands from root to end. Make sure that the Shea butter is also applied at the end of your hair. Then comb the hair with a wide-tooth hair brush and try to spread the Shea butter through your entire hair. Leave the hair for around half an hour and rinse it using cold water. Avoid using warm water for rinsing the hair and in case the hair looks dry you can leave it for another half an hour before getting a rinse.

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