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Adding Two Colors To Highlight Layers


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Adding two colors on the hair can give a completely new look and it can also help to accentuate the hair layers very easily. There are many people who like to color their hair in this way to highlight the layers over the head. Try to select the hair colors that can contrast your hair layers which include black color and blonde color which can give a completely trendy look.
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First select the best suitable two different colors that will be used on the hair and make sure that both these colors complement to each other. You can use dark brown color along with the light brown hair color and dark blonde hair color along with the light blonde color. Leave few hair pieces in front of the eyes and color them with the two colors to enhance your look. Cover the major portions of your hair with a base color to create a natural looking hair. Use darker color at the bottom of your hair and apply also use the same one over the face. Give more attention to your hair layers by highlighting them with the same hair color. Use lighter hair colors occasionally all over the hair which is short and always highlight them with the dark color. You can also use other hair colors such as blue and pink for highlighting the hair. It can also make your hairstyle look very different from others if you use these unique colors.

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