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Creating Face-Framing Hair Layers


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Creating face-framing hair layers is not so easy because you must follow a proper cutting technique to achieve this. You can cut the hair in different lengths using normal scissors without going to a saloon to create this look. It is important to be comfortable while cutting your own hair or go to a hairstylist to do this.
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Begin the cutting with a clean hair and make sure that it is fully dry. Then take one inch section of hair which will be used for the cutting process and secure the remaining hair at the back of the head. You must use middle of the nose as your guide to do the haircut in a straight line. Take the hair strand straight up to make few minor alterations if required which can be used as the guide to cut the remaining hair pieces in the same way. Now take the hair that was secured before and brush it completely from top to bottom of the head. Style the hair bangs as per your desire by cutting them in a perfect shape and start cutting the brushed hair which must be kept a little longer than the bangs. Continue to cut the hair in the same from top to end of the hair and make sure that all the layers are in a perfect shape. At last try to trim the hair that comes out of the actual shape of your hairstyle and wash the entire hair as usual.

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