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Four Strand Fancy Hair Braid


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A fancy hair braid is a perfect hairstyle that can be suitable for an event such as a wedding. You can create this hairstyle by dividing your hair into four different parts. This hairstyle is also liked by many women as they wear it for different types of events. Try to give your complete attention over the hairstyling process and make sure to follow the pattern in a perfect way to achieve this look perfectly. You can use this method with a rope to create the braid to get some practice before applying it over the hair.
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To create the fancy braid, first comb your hair for removing the tangles out and divide the hair as four different strands. Now take inner left strand for crossing it just over inner right strand and pull outer left hair strand for adding it over the inner left hair strand. Then take the inner right hair for including it over the outer right hair. Next cross the inner left strand once again over the inner right strand and cross the inner left strand over your outer left hair strand before moving the outer right hair part over the inner right part. Use this technique till you get to the end of your hair and secure the end of your braid with a hair band. Try to follow the styling method perfectly without leaving any step to get this hairstyle very easily or your hair may look messy.

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