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Keeping Hair Pressed For A Long Time


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A pressed hair is a straight looking hair that is achieved without using any type of chemicals. This technique is mostly used to make the hair straight than going for perms or other hairstyling methods. Even though this technique can make the hair straight it can only last for some time and your hair will come back to its original structure. Here are few things that can be helpful in making the pressed hair last for a long time without using any styling products.
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The first thing to do is avoid using water and other styling products that can make the hair wet as it can make the pressed hair to revert back very soon. Don’t press you hair during a hot climate and seating can also prevent the pressed hair from staying in its shape. Also stay at home during the rainy season as the hair may lose its straightness immediately when the rain water falls over it. When you are at home create an updo with the pressed hair to maintain the structure and leaving them loose can remove the straightness very easily. Try to keep the hair secured in place whenever possible to keep the pressed hair in its original form for a long time. Before going to bed during the night, cover the hair with a cap and lie down over satin pillowcases. You can also touch up the hair using a flat iron whenever the hair loses its straightness.

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