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Styling Hair With A Marcel Iron


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A Marcel iron is a perfect hairstyling tool that can be used to create a very beautiful looking hairstyle. It is available in different ranges and with various styling features. You must the Marcel iron in a proper way to create the beautiful waves in your hair. Try to get some practice of using the Marcel iron before you use it on the hair. Get help from a friend if you are trying this styling method for the first time.
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As usual begin the styling with a clean hair and make sure it is conditioned properly. Then use hair mousse all over before using the Marcel iron over the hair. Next make the Marcel iron to heat and test it by using a paper before applying it over your hair. You can also adjust its temperature as per your desire. Use the iron over one inch hair at a time by rotating its handle. You can curl your hair from end to root with the iron and you can wrap the hair with your fingers in the iron. Leave your hair in the iron for few seconds and rotate its handle once again to take the hair out of the iron. Again take another one inch section of hair to use it in the Marcel iron in the same as you did it with the previous hair section. You can use the same way to create the waves all over the hair with your Marcel iron.

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