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Adding Layers At The End Of Your Hair


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Adding layer over the bottom of your hair can make the entire hair look sleek and it can also accentuate different lengths by adding more volume. You can achieve the layers over bottom of the hair by following few simple styling methods without going to a saloon. Try to create subtle layers in your hair by cutting it as close to ends of your hair. This is the best way to create layer near the end of your hair without the help of a hair specialist.
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Begin the hair layering process with a washed hair and make sure it has been properly conditioned before proceeding further. Use a simple towel for drying your hair and try to keep it a little bit damp. Then make a center part over the head using a hairbrush and create even sections on both the side of the head. Move your head over one side to make the hair hang away from the head. Now brush the hair for making it smooth and take the scissors to cut the hair across the end at the bottom. Use this simple cutting technique over the other side of the head and cob the entire hair. Try to styling the hair in a proper way. In case you want to create extreme layers in your hair take the entire hair to make a simple ponytail on top of the head for cutting it about one inch from its end.

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