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Creating French Twist With Ponytail


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A French twist is a perfect hairstyle that is liked by many who want to wear it for a special occasion. It is a simple way of styling hair that can be done with different styling techniques, but the easiest way is by creating a ponytail which can give a completely new look for anyone who wears it with a long hair. You must use a normal elastic band to achieve this hairstyle without getting a support from anyone. Try to use ponytail holder to create this hairstyle that matches color of your hair and avoid using the bobby pins.
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Brush the hair to create a simple looking ponytail over the back of the head. Then twist the hair for folding it on top of the ponytail to create a French twist. Try to twist as well as tuck the hair till it becomes tight twist over the back of the head. Now you must use a bobby pin if you are styling the hair with it or you can keep the twist in one hand to achieve it without using the bobby pins. Try to loop ponytail holder on top of your twist and then twist ponytail holder just once before looping it once again on your French twist from bottom. Take a ponytail holder in your hand for adjusting it over your twist and mist the entire hairstyle with a spray to keep it in place for a long time.

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