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Hairstyle With Wispy Locks


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Having wispy locks in your hair can give a completely casual look which is very easy to maintain. It is very simple to achieve this hairstyle which will look soft along with more volume. In this hairstyle, your hair will look straight as well as curly. In places such as top of the head you will have straight layers and at the end starting from the mid section there will be curls.
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First get a proper haircut by going to a hairstylist and make sure that there are layers all over head. Then comb the hair when it is dry to make it free from the tangles to create a soft look. Try to mist the hair with a spray to avoid damage caused by the iron after bending the head upside down. You can create more volume at the bottom of the head by misting it with the same hairspray. Then move your head up and brush it to create a messy look. Pull out one inch hair section for keeping it in the iron for curling the hair outward. Try to use the curling iron only over the end of the hair and avoid moving it till the hair shaft. You must be able to create only small curls all over the head and then mist it with a spray. At last comb the hair slightly with a normal hair brush and now you will find wispy locks at the end of your hair.

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