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Maintaining Straight Bangs in Humidity


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Maintaining the bangs straight is not so difficult, but if you are in a place where the climate is hot the bangs may not be straight for a longer time. The bags will be normally very short which is one of the main reason that it cannot stay straight. There are few things that can be followed to keep the bangs straight in hot conditions. You can various styling tools while styling the bangs in this way which includes, hair clips, serum, hair conditioner, hairspray, blow dryer and a paddle brush.
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First wash the hair as per your wish and apply a normal hair conditioner. After the hair becomes dry, use a leave-in hair conditioner all over the hair including the bangs. Then blow dry the hair by dividing it into small parts and make sure to concentrate mainly over the bangs. Try to brush the hair and make the bangs to move straight down to make it look straight. Next use a hair serum all over the bangs and spread it thoroughly over the entire hair. Now you can use the flat iron just over the bangs to make them straight and mist the entire hair with the lightweight spray to end your styling. Try to follow a proper technique while straightening the bangs with a hot iron and using more heat on the hair can make it burn. Secure the hair with hair clips if you are going out of the house.

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