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Methods For Bleaching Wig Knots


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Bleaching the wig knots can give a completely different kind of a look and it can also help to camouflage them effectively. The knots in the wig can be disturbing while wearing it over the head, so most of them will bleach them. Make sure to follow a proper method while bleaching the wig knots and keep the things ready before starting your styling process. Avoid coloring the knots too much in a black wig as it can get fully saturated and use blonde wigs will be able to become only lighter.
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First use the fabric color remover on your knots over the hairline starting from one ear to another. This will help to take the color that is present on your wig knots and make the bleaching process look perfect. Then rinse your wig using cold water and wash it using a shampoo. Once the wig becomes dry, take the powder bleach and mix it along with a developer in a bowl. Try to maintain equal amounts of bleach and developer so you don’t damage the hair. Start applying the mixture over the knots over the hairline and make sure to use the same under the wig. You can use the directions mentioned over the styling kit to do the bleaching process. Use cold water for rinsing the hair after leaving it for around fifteen minutes and not more than that. Try to use a shampoo for washing the wig and rinse it as usual.

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