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Steps To Identify Split Hair Ends


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Having a split end in your hair can be very disturbing for most of the women. The split ends can be treated by cutting your hair, but it is important to notice it in the beginning. The split ends usually occur due to protective cuticle which will be worn away due to excessive washing and even brushing. The hair may split till the shaft if you are not able to treat the spilt ends in the starting.
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To know that you have split ends, first take the hair ends with your fingers and pull out one inch of hair section. Go through the hair in your fingers to look for Y-shaped hair ends which will be your split end. The slight split end usually occurs few inches over the shaft which must be noticed carefully. You can also check for the hair that has been split into more than two strands which can be very difficult to identify. After finding the split hair ends, try to trim them using a pair of sharp scissors by placing them over the place in which you have split ends. You must just cut the hair end only and don’t cut excessive hair. The best way for treating the split ends is by going to a hairstylist who will be able to provide a proper haircut that can also look unique. A deep conditioning hair treatment can be a perfect choice if you have brittle ends.

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