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Steps To Moisturize Dry Dreads


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Creating dreadlocks can help to give completely unique look to your hair. In order to maintain the dreadlocks in a perfect shape you must use various styling product to prevent them from looking dry. Most of the people who would like to create the dreads in their hair, but they will fail to treat it in a proper way that can lead to hair breakage. There are also other herbal hair products that keep your dreads away from drying. This is one of the best method that doesn’t involve any types of chemicals for keeping the dreads moisturized.
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First take plastic hairspray bottle which must be filled with water and mix about half tbsp aloe vera juice in the bottle. Try to shake the bottle gently for mixing the content properly. Then get your hair washed as per your wish and use the herbal moisturizer all over the dreads that looks dry. Try to use the mixture evenly throughout your hair which can help to moisturize the hair and also control the flyaways that occur in the dreads. Use this method for treating the dreads whenever it looks dry and make sure to wash the hair before you use the spray over it. You can keep the mixture in the bottle for future use, but try to keep it in a dry and cool place. Use the same technique only after washing your hair because using it on the unwashed hair cannot give the actual result.

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