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Creating A Braid With Silky Dreads


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Braiding the silky dreads can be a perfect choice if you have a short hair. The best part of this hairstyle is you can wear it whenever possible within no time. It is important to braid the silky dreads in a proper way to make them stay on the head for a long time, so you can just follow this step.
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Take the hair into small sections and keep it as wide as your hair extension. Pull your hair extension about 2/3 down the length such as keeping the longer length on top and shorter length just below. Now keep the extension over the head near your hair root and make the long piece of your extension to stay loose over the head. Start braiding the hair section along with extension with a regular technique and secure it tightly. Brush the hair from end of your braid straight upward and try to backcomb the entire braid till it sits in one place. Take a little amount of the spirit gum for keeping the hair in place and wrap the loose section in the hair extension around your braid. You must begin the wrapping process from top of your braid and continue on the extension till you reach the end of it. Finally backcomb the hair ends in your wrapped section and use the spirit gum once again. Use this method over the remaining part of your hair by braiding one after another.

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