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Getting Brazilian Blowout Treatment At Home


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A Brazilian blowout can make your hair straight in a perfect way which can stay for around three months. This process involves keratin solution that can be used along with the blow dryer for making the hair straight. It is a hair straightening method that is normally done by going to a saloon, but you can also use this process method at home.
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First get the Brazilian Blowout product that can be used at home and ask your hairstylist while purchasing it through online. Then wash the hair using a Brazilian blowout shampoo and wrap the entire hair with a normal towel. Leave the hair with the towel for few minutes and blot the hair slightly. Next brush the hair before dividing it into six parts of four inches each. Now use Brazilian blowout treatment on each part of the hair from end to root. Make sure to use it on every section of the hair and cover the hair using a normal protein layer. Blow dry the hair along with a round brush and comb it downwards. Now you can use the straightening iron over three inch parts of the hair. Rinse your hair and use the masque provided along with the styling product. Leave the hair for about one minute and rinse the hair once again. Use the smoothing hair serum all over and brush the hair again. At last blow dry the hair once more with a round brush to complete the process.

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