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Sectioning Your Hair To Apply Color


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Coloring the hair can be done with various styling methods, but it is important to divide the hair in a proper way to use the color evenly all over the strands. You can color your hair at home if you are able to section the hair in a proper way. You must make a simple parting in your hair by following a proper styling technique. Parting your hair is a very important process as it will be useful to control the hair during the coloring process.
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Comb the hair using a normal rat tail hair brush from the center of your head. Part your hair about vertically from round of your head just at the back of the ear. Make sure that the parting is done in a proper way. Then comb the hair again and twist it gently for securing it into large clip. The hair ends must be kept away from your face. Use this technique on both the side of your head. Try to resume your middle part towards at the behind of your head to make four different sections. Each hair sections must be in equal size. Secure the remaining two sections from the back of your head over your head and keep hair ends away from the other hair sections. Make sure that the ends of your hair are evenly matched in each section, but both the front sections and back sections must be of same size.

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