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Styling Hair With Small And Simple French Braid


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A small French braid is the best way to keep the hair smooth and it is also considered to be a classic way of styling the hair. You must have lot of patience to achieve this look and it can be achieved at the side of the face. This is also the best way to keep the hair away from your face with a great look. Make sure to use tension on the hair with same amount during the braiding process which can be useful in giving a consistent look in the end of your hairstyle.
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Begin the braiding process with a clean hair and it must be brushed to take the tangles out. Divide your hair which will be used to create the small French braid and secure the rest of your hair away from the styling process. Now separate the divide hair section into three parts such as right, left and middle. Start braiding your hair by just taking part over the middle and take left part over new middle part. While turning each hair to create the braid try to add more hair into the section taking from part of your head which is available behind it. Resume the braiding process alt over the hair till your reach the end and finally secure it in place with a normal elastic band. You can use the same technique over the other section to create the French braid if you want.

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