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Dealing With Razor Bumps


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Razor bumps can be a very common problem while shaving the head which can be painful. There are things that can be done for treating the bumps to prevent the pain caused by it. You must treat the bump with a proper technique to make it disappear as soon as possible. Make sure you don’t pick the razor bumps after shaving the head as it can increase its healing time.
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First cut the hair not more than 1/4 inch because close shaving the head can cause the bumps easily. Cutting the hair to keep it long can prevent the bumps from occurring as it normally appears when your hair is shaved too close. You can wash the hair using an antibacterial hair cleanser before shaving the head as the bacteria can be the main reason behind the bumps in most cases. Always use clean razor for shaving the head and dull looking blades can cause bumps very easily. Avoid using the razors that are old for shaving the head as they can easily cause the bumps along with other problems. Use shaving gel on your head to prevent razor blade from snagging over the skin. You can also use aftershave toners on your head after the shaving process which can also help from tightening the pores which were opened while shaving he entire hair. Use a hydrocortisone cream all over the head after your shaving process which can reduce the skin irritation.

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