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Hairstyle With Natural Dreads


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Natural dreads can be easily achieved without going to a hair specialist. Even though most of the people think that maintaining the dreadlocks will make the hair look dirty, but it is not true. The natural dreads will be able to give an edgy look and you can wash them easily to keep it in the original shape. The natural hair dreads can stay on your head till the hair has been cut.
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First comb the hair to make it knot free and add an olive oil all over the hair strands. Just use your fingers to spread the olive oil over the hair and separate the hair that will be used to create the dreads. Now pull out the hair end for twisting it into clockwise direction till the root. Use the twisting technique on the remaining hair strands till you cover the entire hair in the same way. Try to use a normal rubber band to secure the dreads in its original place. You must maintain your hair in the same for at least one week and don’t wash the hair during this period. Now you can remove the rubber band from the hair as the dreads can stay in its place without any support. Then try to rinse the hair and apply a hair conditioner without using a shampoo. You must wash the hair with shampoo once the hair is set completely which will take at least two weeks.

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