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Medieval Fishtail Braid


medieval fishtail braid medieval fishtail braid2
Medieval hairstyle is a perfect way to wear for a special event including a wedding. The medieval hairstyle can be created in various styling techniques and one of them is the medieval fishtail braid. This style can be created by anyone without going to a saloon. The medieval fishtail braid has been very popular among aristocracy who used to wear it on regular basis. You must spend some time to achieve this hairstyle in a perfect way.
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To create this style, make a small part in your hair down in the center of your head. Pull out one inch of hair near the forehead starting from one of your ear and try to twist it by pulling it at the back using a clip. Now pull another wide hair piece for twisting it at the back of your head and try to add it along with first hair piece. Continue to twist all of your hair down till the neckline and use the same method over other side of your head. After completing the same styling method on both the side of your head, pull them near the base at the neck. Take your twisted hair piece from left side for adding it at the right hair piece and take another hair piece from right for adding it left piece. Continue to combine the twisted hair strands from each of the section and after reaching the ends of your hair secure it using a rubber band.

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