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Root Perming Technique


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Root perming can be done to add more volume into your hair to make it look fuller. It is completely a different process that is done about four inches from your head. This process can only last for few weeks as it is very simple to do.
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First comb the hair before washing it using a shampoo and use a protein-rich hair conditioner. Then rinse your hair to take conditioner out of your hair after leaving it on for 5 minutes. Next dry the hair by simply blotting it by using a towel and add a little amount of conditioner across crown of the head as well as base of the neck. Now make four sections in your hair and wrap only the lower part of the hair using plastic wrap. Make sure to wrap the hair around the perm rod from end of the hair and move upward. Make the perming lotion as well as the neutralizer by following the instructions on the kit before using it over the scalp and perm rods. Keep a shower cap on your head leave it on for the time mentioned on the kit. After leaving the hair for specified time, try to rinse it using warm water and use the neutralizer all over the hair. Leave it for about 5 minutes and rinse it again using cold water. Now you can remove the wrap and perm rods out of the hair and dry it as usual.

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