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Weaving Extensions With Straight Hair


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Weaving extensions with straight hair can be difficult for most of the people while doing it for the first time. You must follow a proper technique for weaving hair when it is straight. This is the best way to get a completely new look than going for another hairstyle. You must purchase some of the items before starting the styling process which includes metal rings, crochet hook, silicone caulk and needle.
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First wash the hair and secure top extension along with silicone caulk. Then sew in a rubber O-ring on top of your dread extension after purchasing it from a store. During the weaving process try to use small rings as the hair will be normally thin when compared to the curly hair. Take a small part of hair near the root where the extension will be created and send it through your ring with the help of a crochet hook to add more precision. Try to alter size of your hair section using perimeter of your ring. Start braiding your hair as two sections using the natural hair that was pulled inside the ring as well as a part dread. Braid till a short way in your dread and then wrap the hair end using a clear band. Now you will have a secured connection in between the natural hair and dreadlocks. Use the same technique on the remaining part of your hair to create the number of dreads you like to have.

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