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Dutch Crown Hair Braid


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A Dutch crown braid is the most outstanding hairstyle that can be worn by any one for a special event. It is a part of Renaissance hairstyle that was very popular among most of the women. This hairstyle is achieved with the same technique which is used to create the French braid, but in this you must plait hair sections just below center section than over it which is done in the French braid. After creating the Dutch crown braid, try to style it with hair accessories that are specially made for this hairstyle.
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Begin the hair braiding process after making a part from back of the crown to back corner on top of your ear. Secure the hair section in front of your head to keep it away from the styling. Then separate the as three different section vertically to create the Dutch braid all around your head from one ear to another and on your scalp. Wrap the hair end of your Dutch braid around your crown and try to secure them in place using hairpins. This hairstyle is only worn by those who want to make themselves attractive and it can be made really beautiful if you match it along with a proper dress. You can also mist the entire hairstyle with a spray to keep it secured in its original place for a long time. Use only hairpins for securing the hairstyle and stay away from hair clips.

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