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Fuller Looking Afro Bangs


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Creating fuller looking bangs with an afro hair can give a very different kind of a look. It is considered to be one of the best and classic hairstyle that is liked by most of the women. Before creating fuller bangs in your hair try to select a proper hairstyle that is suitable for your hair type. Try to create blunt bangs to make your eyes look beautiful and angle them towards the cheekbones.
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Fuller afro bangs can give a great look if you have a straight hair, but it is important to maintain it in a proper way. Begin the hairstyling with clean and conditioned hair and don’t start the cutting process with a damp hair. Brush the hair fully and pull the hair forward to add a dramatic look to your bangs. Take the hair that will be cut as bangs and start the cutting process in 45 degree angle by moving left to the right side of the head. Make sure to check length of your hair as you start the cutting process and continue the cutting process till your reach the brow line. Gently snip the bangs with upward motion and try to break up your blunt line. Style the bangs as per your desire and apply a shinning serum to make the bangs look shiny. Try to make the bangs straight using a flat iron or you can also try to create a curly look bangs to create a soft look.

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