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Making Hair Smooth Before Using A Relaxer


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It is important to make the hair smooth before using a relaxer on it to achieve a perfect result. You must follow a proper hair smoothing technique while using the relaxer on the hair. Use hand gloves before using the following technique on the hair. Try to follow the relaxing process around your hairline to keep it simple. Using a careful technique while making the hair straight is very important whether it is a virgin hair or newly grown hair.
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Don’t take too much time for smoothing the hair and use relaxer in downward direction with your fingers with gentle pressure. Smooth the hair sections about one inch and make sure that your hair has been covered completely. Making the hair smooth will help while straightening it and this can be a perfect choice if you have a wavy or curly hair. Use a hair brush to make the hair smooth and don’t use any type of chemicals during the straightening process. You can work yourself upward to make the hair smooth only over the nape by lifting the hair. Near the front of your hairline avoid using the relaxer too close to your face and try to make the hair smooth by moving your hand backwards. If you have a virgin hair, try to make it smooth by moving till the end of your hair. Try to make the hair smooth at the back of the head before using the relaxer over it.

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