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Natural Ways For Treating Hair Porosity


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A porous hair can be very difficult to manage as it is caused due to broken cuticles. There are various hair products that can be sued for treating the porous hair, but the best way would be doing it with a natural hair product. Here are two natural methods that can be followed for removing the porosity from your hair.
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First take a two eggs and crack it in a bowl and you can also use more egg if the hair is too long. Take one tbsp olive oil and mix it in the bowl with the eggs. Try to mix both of them perfectly before using it over the hair. Start applying the mixture over the hair from end to root and leave it on for around 20 minutes. Use normal lukewarm water for rinsing the hair and then apply a shampoo to wash the hair. Condition the hair in a proper manner and go through the hair which will become porous free. Another option is using a apple cider vinegar for rinsing the hair to take the porous out. First wash the hair with a lukewarm water and use a regular conditioner all over. Then brush the hair to make the tangles smooth and leave the conditioner on for around 3 minutes. Now mix two cups of lukewarm water along with half cup of apple cider vinegar. Rinse the hair using the mixture and then use normal water for washing the hair once again.

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