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Steps To Remove Blue Color From Hair


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Coloring the hair with blue dye can make it very interesting, but it can be very difficult if you plan to remove the blue color. Most of the people try to bleach the hair to get rid of hair color or by going to a saloon for treating the temporary hair color. If you are unable to get a proper result with the following method, the best option is going to a saloon.
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First option is mixing baking soda along with a shampoo for rinsing the hair till the color comes out, but this method is considered to cause damage to your hair by removing the moisture. The second option is taking dish soap for rinsing your hair or you can also mix it along with a laundry detergent before using it over the hair. The third method if mixing vitamin C tablets along with shampoo and apply it over the hair for about ten minutes. The rinse the hair as usual and look for the final result. The best option is using a hair color for using it over the already colored hair. But using blond color over the blue hair is not followed by many as it can be very difficult. Another that is followed by many as the last option is bleaching the hair by using a 30 developers and blond hair powder bleach. Try to mix both these products together in a proper way before using it all over hair.

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