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Styling Your Hair With Magnetic Rollers


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Magnetic rollers are plastic curlers that are perfect tool for creating smooth looking hair curls. The hair gets stuck easily into these magnetic rollers, but it can take more time for achieving the curls. You can use various methods to attach these rollers into the hair and the final result will be really good. Try to read the instructions on how to use the magnetic rollers before using them over your hair which can help to prevent any kind of damage to the hair.
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To create curls with magnetic rollers, wash the entire hair as it must be slightly damp and use a hair curling lotion. Next brush the hair to make different sections and secure them using barrettes. Now take one of the hair section to keep the ends over the magnetic roller and try to roll it along over the hair towards the head till it gets placed on top of the scalp. Use double-pronged hair clip for securing the magnetic roller to your hair as close as possible to the scalp. Try to use the hair clip in such a way that it sits under the magnetic roller. If you want to be extra careful, try to use tight hairnet for keeping magnetic rollers in its place. Now you must leave the hair to dry on its own or use a blow dryer. Once the hair becomes dry take the clips out of your hair and remove the rollers.

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