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Creating A Normal Hair Braid


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Creating a normal hair braid is very simple that can be achieved by just using few simple styling tools such as comb and hair tie. You can create various hairstyles after creating a normal braid. The same braiding technique can be followed to create other hairstyles such as a French braid and fishtail braid. Try to learn how to use the braiding technique properly using a rope before applying it over the hair. Get help from anyone if you thing braiding your own hair looks complicated or you want to make the braid look more unique by using different types of hair tools.
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Comb the hair as normally you would do to make the tangles smooth and part the hair at the back of your head. You can also use a spray to make the hair smooth than just brushing it with a comb. Take the entire hair near the nape of the neck and make three different parts. Start crossing your right section on top of center section and cross left section on top of center section. Continue this process till the hair comes to end at the bottom and secure it tightly using a hair tie. Try to apply only little bit of pressure to create the braid and use your both hands in a proper manner to achieve this look. Now you can style the braid using hair accessories such as headbands, ribbons or clips to make it look more beautiful.

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