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Hairstyle With Rasta Dreads


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Rasta dreads are the best and casual way of styling the hair and it is also considered to be a part of cultural statement in some places. You can achieve this look with any type of hair, but maintaining it in a proper way can make last for a long time.
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Use residue-free hair shampoo to wash the hair and don’t condition the hair. Then divide the hair as one inch square and keep the hair in sections using rubber bands. Start working with one section of hair from front to back of the head. Try to section the hair using a dread comb by keeping it near to your scalp. Brush your hair up and down near the scalp to comb the dread away. Dread comb the hair away from your scalp and at the outer ends of your hair. Keep moving your dread comb at the back of your head and backcomb the individual part of the hair. Secure hair ends using a small rubber band and dread wax on each hair section. To maintain the hair in a proper way make sure it is longer than ten inches which can take a long time and don’t comb the hair during this period. You can wash the hair as usual using the residue-free hair shampoo during this period which can maintain the hair without any residue. Don’t use a blow dryer for drying the hair and then backcomb each section.

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