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Methods To Bleach A Red Hair


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A bleaching process can be done on any type of hair, but it varies on the color used over your hair. In case you have a red hair, then you must use a strong bleaching process when compared to other types of hair color. Try to follow a proper bleaching process if you have a red hair. Don’t bleach the hair very often as it can make the scalp weak and leading to hair breakage. Try to rinse the hair to take the bleach out if you feel any discomfort.
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First use a 20-volume peroxide over the hair at the back and keep it away from the scalp. Then apply the bleach over the hair immediately in from of the head. Then keep shower cap over your head to keep your bleach moisturized. Now use a diffuser along with a blow dryer for drying the hair inside the cap. The hair color will slowly reducing and stop the drying process once the hair reaches your desired color. Use the same method of bleaching in case you are not satisfied with the color your hair has changed into. Then tone the hair with a neutral blonde color as the red hair can be difficult to lighten as it can change into orange color. The hair toner can be useful in preventing the orange color that occurs after the bleaching process on your red hair. At last as usual condition the hair and avoid using semi-permanent hair toner.

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