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Styling Hair With Feather Shear


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Creating a feather hair can be done using different styling tools, but you can also use a feather shear to achieve this look. It can also make the hair look heavy along with a soft angle. You can use the feather shear on any type of hair and make sure that the length of the hair is minimum one inch. Try to use a shampoo to wash the hair before starting the styling process and don’t begin the hairstyling when the hair is still wet.
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Begin the process by rinsing your hair after using a normal hair conditioner. Brush the hair with fine toothed comb once it becomes fully dry. Decide about the places where you would like to create the feather look and take the hair strands out. Keep the strands in between blade and the index finger. Try to keep the blade on top of the finger to move it away from sharp end. Now adjust height of your blade to make it match length of the hair. To create the feather look in only small parts of the hair, try to keep the blade about one inch over ends of the hair to create a big feathered look, keep the blade away from ends of the hair. Try to slide your blade towards downward in your hair to achieve the feather look. You can use this technique on the remaining hair where you want to achieve the feather look.

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