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Taking Care Of Broken Dreadlocks


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A dreadlock can be a very interesting hairstyle, but it can break due to various reasons. The deadlocks can break due to weak spot in your hair and locks which are too thin. There are few things that can be done while treating the broken dreadlock. You must try to pull the long dreadlocks at the back of the head whenever possible because they have more chances of ripping off from their actual position. Keeping the dreadlocks dry is one of the main reasons for breakage.
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First try to be patience as you can easily fix the broken dreadlock without putting any effort. Then get a thread as well as needle for fixing the dreadlock that is broken. Make sure to select a thick thread to match the natural color of your hair. Try to felt the needle to make it push through the dreadlocks and start sewing your dreadlock back in its original place. You can also line your broken dreadlock along with remaining lock to weave the needle in as well as out of your lock gently. Create a knot at the closest point to your dreadlock in the thread and try to snip the left over thread. It is important to keep the dreadlocks properly conditioned as well as moisturized which can give more support to the hair and prevent the broken dreadlock. Don’t twist the dreadlocks too much as it can make them loose their thickness by creating weak spots.

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