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Adding Layers To A Curly Hair


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A layered haircut is normally done with a naturally curly hair or a permed hair locks to get a really amazing look. Creating layers in a curly hair can also help to add body into the hair and it can be done by going to a hairstylist. Adding layers in the curly hair can reduce overall weight of your hair and making it look thick as well. Go to a hairstyling which are good in styling curly hair and make sure that the curly hair is only cut when it is completely dry. During the styling process make sure that your hair is not cut too much.
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The hair must not be cut too much and it should stay just over the shoulder or longer than that. This can help to pull the curls down to prevent a puffy looking hair. Cut the hair into round layers to add a fuller body into your hair and try to create tapered layers incase the curly is already too short. You can also try to get angled layers as they are considered to be very easy to control and it is possible to tone down too many tight curls very easily. Avoid creating choppy or blunt layer as they can make your hairstyle look too much thick. Don’t style your curly hair using the thinning shears as they are only perfect for a straight hair and using it over the curly hair can a frizzy look.

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