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Hairstyle With Side Braided Bangs


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Creating braids with you bangs can give a very interesting look and you can make this style look more amazing by braiding the bangs to a side of the head. This hairstyle can be worn for different places and you can also keep the bangs out of your eyes. Make sure that your hair is in a perfect shape before starting the hairstyling process by using products suitable for your hair type. Just use this technique to create braid in your bangs.
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First divide your hair in front of the head that will be used to create the braid bangs and take the remaining hair at the back of the head. Make sure that the hair has been properly divided before proceeding further as it is a very important step in this hairstyling process. Divide the hair one and half inch back from your bangs as three different parts which will be used as the base strand for braiding your bangs. Try to create this part slightly forward and keep the hair in front of the head separated with bangs. Braid your hair by pulling it over and avoid braiding the bangs along with your other hair. Take a small part in your bangs after making two twists in the hair to make it incorporated into your hair during the third twist. Continue this over your forehead till you reach end of the bangs. At last secure your braid using a bobby pin or ponytail holder.

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