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Preparing Your Hair Before Brazilian Straightening


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The Brazilian hair straightening is a process that can change the frizzy looking hair into soft and straight hair. Before using this technique on your hair, it is important to prepare the hair in such a way that it can handle it without any damage. You can follow a pre-straightening method at home by using few simple hair products instead of going to a hair specialist.
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First rinse the hair using warm water and make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner during this process. You can use the moisturizing shampoo on the hair and massage it gently over the scalp. Next use the protein reconstructing hair conditioner all over the hair and cover it using a normal shower cap. Leave the product on the hair for at least ten minutes before rinsing the complete hair with cold water. Deep conditioning the hair is very important before using for the Brazilian hair straightening method and after applying the moisturizing conditioner try to remove it fully out of the hair by rinsing your hair. Without conditioning the hair in this way you must never try the Brazilian straightening on your hair. Then brush the hair using your fingers first and then use a hair brush to make the hair tangle free. Leave the hair to dry naturally and avoid using any type of hairstyling products. You must avoid using any type of hair oils at least two days before the Brazilian straightening process.

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