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Styling Hair With Snap-On Rollers


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Snap-on rollers are the perfect magnetic rollers that can be used on the hair to create a unique hairstyle. These rollers can easily be placed on your hair with two-part mechanism that features magnetized roller as well as sheath to keep the snap-on rollers in place.
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Before using the snap-on rollers try to wash the hair and add a hair gel. Then dry the hair using a blow dryer and round brush to make the hair smooth. Next separate your hair as four equal parts and keep them in place using clips. First take the section at the back of the head and divide it into small sections which can be used in the roller. Take small hair section after brushing it with a comb and keep its end over the roller for rolling it till your scalp. You must try to roll the hair ends under the roller which will make its plastic snap to secure the roller near to your head. Don’t roll the hair ends in opposite direction as it can make the roller to create loose hair. Use the rolling technique on other parts of your hair that was divided in the beginning and use the hot dryer with medium heat on each hair section in the roller. Then take the rollers out of the hair by just unrolling it from your hair and by snapping the covers. Now there must be head full of rolled hair that can be styled as you wish.

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