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Treating Reddish Orange Color On Hair


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Having a reddish orange color over a blonde hair can be very disturbing for some of the women and this usually occurs when you try to lighten the hair by sitting at home. But you can solve this problem at home by using few simple styling products such as a shampoo, conditioner, hair developer and hair toner. Once the hair reaches orange stage, you can only correct it with bleach and it can be easily stopped if you have a naturally light hair color. The best way to maintain the hair blonde is by washing it using purple based shampoo at least once in a week.
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To correct this problem, first you must dry the hair as usual with a towel after washing it with a shampoo. Then take one part of hair toner and mix it along with two parts of hair developer. Both toners as well as developers will be available in any beauty supply store and make sure to they are in blue base. Start applying the mixture all over your hair from end to root and mainly on the places where the hair looks reddish orange in color. You must leave the mixture on your hair for about 25-30 minutes which depends upon the product that you have used on the hair and then rinse the entire hair. Next use a hair conditioner and rinse the hair once again as usual before styling it as per your desire.

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