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Creating Stand Up Hairstyle With Short Hair


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Creating a stand up hairstyle with a short hair can give a really unique look. The short hair is considered to be the best choice to create the stand up hairstyle. It is very simple to get this hairstyle without going to a hair specialist. You can achieve this hairstyle with long or short hair by using hair gel and in case you have a thin hair try to use lot of gel.
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First wash the hair and don’t use a conditioner as it can make the hair to lie flat. Add a hair gel from root to end of the hair using your fingers and dry it using a hair dryer with medium setting. Use more hair gel on the hair once again over the roots and make sure it covers your entire hair strands. Then comb the hair with your fingers or use wide-toothed hair brush to make the hair stand up. You must make the hair stand up just by using your fingers or a hair brush and avoid using any tools as it can make the hair frizz. Now take the hair dryer once again with low setting for drying the hair gel. Don’t use the hair dryer for a long time on your hair as it can spoil the entire look. At last use a spray to mist the hair if you are creating this hairstyle with a long hair and those who have short hair must avoid using a hairspray.

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