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Creating Voluminous Curls With Bendy Curlers


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Bendy curlers can be used to create voluminous looking curls all over the hair. The bendy curlers feature a simple hair rolling method that normally starts from hair end and move to your scalp. You must be able to create a perfect tension in your hair to create beautiful looking bouncy curls all over the hair.
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Make a part over the middle of the head and make sure that you have even hair on both the side of the head. Then take a hair section at the back about one inch long which will be used for rolling. Brush this hair section using a comb and mist it with a hairspray from top to bottom. Now keep your bendy curler over the hair end and start tucking tem just below the curler. Try to roll your curler up at the scalp with steady tension in between roots and curler. You must be able to bend the curler in U shape after it reaches your scalp and if possible try to bend the curler into O shape for creating more hold to your hair. Use this technique on the remaining hair sections in the same way as you did with this hair section. Leave the hair in the curler for few hours and make sure that your hair is fully dry before taking the curler out of it. You must make the curler straight by unbending it from the shape you created it and then unwind it.

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