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Styling Hair With Lemon Herbal Rinse


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Having a soft as well as shiny hair can be used to create different types of beautiful hairstyles. But in case your hair doesn’t look so soft and shiny, you can just use few simple home products to achieve the look. There is a simple method that can be followed to make the hair look shiny by using a lemon and herb rinse. Lemon is also known to be the best product for using it over the hair in case it is light. You can use a lemon and herb to make the hair look shiny and smelling.
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Before starting the rinsing process use hot water on the dry herb and make it steep for about ten minutes. Now you must take the herb to remove the stain and leave it cool for another ten minutes. Take one lemon and try to mix the juice from the lemon with the herb. Use a normal shampoo to wash the hair and make sure to condition it before moving into the rinsing process. Next take the mixture to pour it over the head. Try to massage the scalp gently and avoid rinsing the hair. Now you can style the hair as you wish. This method can also be done using the lemon juice concentrate, but you must use just two tbsp. While using the fresh herb during this process take only four tbsp and try to cut it before putting it into the water.

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