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Creating Locks By Twisting Hair


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Dreadlocks can be achieved by twisting the hair locks and you can follow any method for doing this. But make sure to get help from anyone during this process to make it easy. The twisting and locking method is considered to be the easiest way to achieve the dreadlocks which can be used on any type of hair. Make sure that length of the hair is about two to six inches long to achieve this look perfectly. Use these steps to create the locks in your hair without using any styling tools.
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First divide the hair into sections using rat-tail hair brush and keep them secured using rubber band. Add a hair wax over each hair sections and take one of the section for twisting it with wide-tooth hair comb. Try to twist each section of hair in the same way and divide twisted section into half with the help of a comb from root to tip. Now divide the same hair section once again in the same way as you did before. Try to hold the dreadlock in place using a rubber band and the lock is set, take the rubber band out of your hair section. Use this method on the remaining section of your hair and at last use a blow dry on all the dreads over your head. You must stay patience to achieve this look as it can take many days and try twisting the hair sections in the same way every day.

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