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Methods For Moisturizing Your Sisterlocks


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Sisterlocks are the best and natural hairstyle that is liked by women from an African descent. This hairstyle is almost similar to the dreadlocks, but it will be much smaller along with a neat look. You must treat the sisterlocks in a proper way to keep them in their original shape and always use non-residue hair shampoo for washing them without using a conditioner. Make sure that the sisterlocks are moisturized to keep the hair healthy.
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You can use this technique on your hair when the sisterlocks are new or even old without going to a hair specialist. To begin the moisturizing process, first wash the hair using non-residue shampoo and make sure to rinse the hair completely to make it free from shampoo. Then take the water out of your hair gently without rubbing the sisterlocks as it can make it look frizz. Then separate the sisterlocks individually using your hand to prevent the hair from tangling. Try to move your locks away carefully to mist it with hair oil. You must use the oil only over part line in your sisterlocks. Try to massage the scalp to make the oil spread throughout your hair without touching the locks. Another option that can be followed is mixing the conditioner cream in water and misting it all over the hair. Try not to over-moisturize the sister locks when they are newly created as it can lose its complete texture and even come out its original structure.

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