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Styling Hair With I Tip Extensions


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There are different types of hair extensions available which can be used depending upon the hairstyle that you creating. The I Tip extensions are also called as a shoelace tip that can be used with a cold technique for attaching with the natural hair.
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To add I Tip extension to natural hair, first make a horizontal part in your hair and collect the top part of the hair forward for securing it in place using a hair clip. The lower part of the hair will be used for adding the extension. Now take the hair section that can fit inside the tube provided along with I Tip extension. Hook your needle over upper part of hair strands about one inch away from your scalp. Try to pull needle toward away from the extension and secure tube using your fingers which will make the hair section to slide through your tube. Collect the tube in your fingers and keep it about one inch away from your scalp. You must pull the extension inside the tube and keep the solid end at bottom of your tube. Try to push the hair extension toward your scalp which will keep the natural hair section as well as extension inside the tube. Place the extension pliers for making the end of your tube flat and away from your head. The final technique will help to keep the hair extension in place by adding it along with the natural hair.

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