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Using Turmeric For Coloring Hair


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Coloring your hair with a turmeric has been a simple process which is used by the people from a very long time. You can get a yellow looking hair color using the turmeric and it can be mixed along with safflower for creating various hair colors. Before using the turmeric mixture over the entire strands, test it by using on a single hair strand to look for any allergies. Continue the coloring process on small section of hair over the head and don’t use the turmeric color at the same over the entire head.
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To color the hair using turmeric, first take a saucepan with boiling water and mix it with 1/4 cup turmeric. Try to stir the water fully and leave the mixture to cool on its own. No take the mixture in a bottle and spread a piece of cloth around the shoulders to prevent the color from falling on the ground. Wear hand gloves and bend the head forward to make your hair fall down. Start applying a small amount of color over the hair from root to end till the entire head is covered with the turmeric color. You must begin the styling process from base of the neck and move onto hair ends. Now comb the hair completely and leave the hair to dry on its own for around fifteen minutes. At last wash the hair without using a shampoo and once the hair becomes dry style it as you like.

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