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Adding Yarn Twists To African-American Hair


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Twisting the yarn into your hair can help to increase the length of the natural hair. This is the best and very inexpensive way of increasing the length of the hair without going to a hair specialist. The yarn twists work best on African-American hair when compared to other hair types.
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To twist yarn in to an African-American hair, first take the yarn and cut its strands which must be slightly longer than the actual size you want to have. Brush the yarn strand to create four parts and make equal size rows in the each section using the hair lock that is close to middle of the four hair sections. Try to add hair gel over the end of hair locks to keep it damp during the styling process and it will help to keep the hair within your braid. Take the yarn strand into half on each hair lock and place it near the scalp. Start wrapping yarn pieces at the back of the hair by keeping the hair lock straight up and cross the yarn piece over other piece in front of your lock. Make sure that your hair is over one side of the hair sections and try to braid each yarn locks as well as your hair underhand. Next divide your yarn into three parts to continue the braiding process. At last create a knot at the end of the braid to keep it secured in place.

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